Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.12

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Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.12

Post by Ryan » April 28th, 2017, 7:59 pm

Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.12 is now available to download, with fixes to a number of bugs and issues, some interface updates and improvements, and some quite extensive reworking to the way that Story Codes are handled, in order to ensure consistency with successive plays:
  • Fixed serious bug causing potential crashes in some missions in the Flooded Ruins Zone.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect spawning of white defenders in some Acts.
  • Fixed bug casuing the Golden Hourglass to function incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug causing folk ancients not to attack when Rickard was in his balloon!
  • Fixed bug causing certain Story Codes not to generate missions accurately.
  • Fixed bug allowing treasure balloons to contain incorrect items.
  • Fixed minor bugs affecting mission generation.
  • Fixed text wrapping bug.
  • Prevented one possible terrain layout in the Flooded Ruins Zone which could potentially make certain missions impossible without specific equipment.
  • Loot dropped by slain foes, contents of chests, treasure balloons and ammunition sacks, puppies borne by pregnant spooks and items offered by fairy flowers are now consistent when using Story Codes.
  • Altered conditions, rewards and descriptive text of some Achievements.
  • Altered the items offered as gifts to new adventurers by the Brotherhood, and updated the interface for selecting a gift.
  • Expanded content and tweaked terrain-generation algorithm for the Icecube Labyrinth Zone.
  • Added an additional constructor boss type to the Mystic Caverns Zone.
  • Altered behaviour of constructors encountered in mini-labyrinths.
  • Miscellaneous code tidying and efficiency improvements.
The update can be downloaded in the usual place, and a full changelog is available here, as always.

Have fun! :)


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