Afterlife: Rickard's Quest

About Afterlife: Rickard's Quest

"Afterlife: Rickard's Quest" screenshot. "Afterlife: Rickard's Quest" screenshot. "Afterlife: Rickard's Quest" screenshot.

First released in 2004, Afterlife: Rickard's Quest is a challenging retro action/strategy platformer spread across hundreds of levels, from tricky mazes and puzzles to deadly combat arenas, in which dashing hero Rickard Bronson must battle in the air and on foot to save the world from the invading denizens of the Thirteen Realms of Hell.

Take to the skies in your hot air balloon, fighting your way past hellion adversaries with your bombs and Deadly Hunting Umbrella while attempting to unlock new levels and secrets in your quest to recover the ten stolen Cruciforms hidden throughout the game, and once more lock shut the Gates of Hell.