Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson

This page displays the very best scores as Brother Raymond submitted by Afterlife 3 players around the world. Congratulations to Oxens, who currently holds the greatest riches from a single game!

Adventurer Score
Oxens Capped by a skull mercenary in chapter six 21,455
Oxens Fragged by a cyclops in chapter five 18,832
Charlez Killed by a skull captain in chapter three 16,507
Oxens Overcome by toxic gas in chapter four 11,983
Charlez Slain by a gunship robo in chapter two 7,035
Rhi Defeated by a skull bushwhacker in chapter two 4,656
Charlez Bashed by a spook in chapter two 4,183
Rhi Pulped by a ballrog in chapter two 2,923
Charlez Smoked by hot magma in chapter one 2,836
Oxens Zapped by a red demon in chapter one 2,098