Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson

This page displays the very best Afterlife 3 adventure records as Rickard submitted by players around the world. Congratulations to Gravemire, who currently holds the greatest riches from a single game!

Adventurer Riches
Gravemire Retired in chapter sixty-eight $1,505,380
Oxens Retired in chapter thirty-eight $494,510
Fruity Retired in chapter thirty $270,428
Oxens Retired in chapter fourteen $102,315
Gravemire Failed in chapter seventeen $80,828
Rhi Snuffed out by a golem in chapter thirteen $78,448
Alec Incinerated by flames in chapter thirteen $68,277
Gravemire Overcome by poisonous air in chapter fourteen $61,188
Rhi Reduced to cinders by fire in chapter thirteen $56,152
Charlez Scorched by flames in chapter thirteen $50,958