Afterlife 3: Legends Of Rickard Bronson

This page displays the most recently submitted ranking adventure riches as Rickard submitted by Afterlife 3 players worldwide.

Adventurer Riches Date
Oxens Retired in chapter thirty-eight $494,510 2019-05-10
Gravemire Retired in chapter sixty-eight $1,505,380 2019-01-21
Fruity Retired in chapter fourteen $45,678 2018-09-04
Asdas Burned up by magma in chapter one $743 2017-12-10
Fruity Retired in chapter thirty $270,428 2017-07-24
Gravemire Failed in chapter seventeen $80,828 2017-04-07
Gravemire Overcome by poisonous air in chapter fourteen $61,188 2017-04-03
Alec Incinerated by flames in chapter thirteen $68,277 2016-11-13
Jen Defeated by a fall in chapter one $887 2016-10-30
Jen Assassinated by a golem in chapter two $1,359 2016-10-30