Afterlife - Level Design Notes

A place to share custom Afterlife: Rickard's Quest levels and discuss the Act Editor.
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Afterlife - Level Design Notes

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Afterlife Level Design Notes

Below some general tips in relation with level creation in Afterlife, which could be useful.
The interface of the Afterlife Level Editor is more or less intuitive, so there shouldn’t be any larger explanation necessary in that direction.
However, if you want to create a nice balanced level with the integrated leveleditor (has to be unlocked), you should follow a couple of instructions and tips, which help you to guarantee a high quality of your act when publishing it.

As a first step, you can draw your idea for an act on a sheet of paper. This is optional but recommended because you can do this everywhere and are not influenced by the appearance of your screen, irritating noises or similar interfering issues. In order that you do not have to draw the default act grid every time you feel creative, you can print out the sample below, which contains a precise computer drawn grid and also some captions on which you can be geared while drawing.

If you have already your sketch or just want to create your act directly in the Afterlife Level Editor, you have to run it by starting Afterlife and choosing “Level Editor” in the main menu. Please keep in mind the following things while designing:
  1. If it is your first creation, keep the overall act structure more or less simple, specially if you didn’t plan it. Complicated structures quickly contain a lot of small flaws that are not always easy to be allocated. Also better do not try to make a very difficulty act yet.
  2. It is recommended to create levels which demand for skills and not such ones, where you just need luck to complete them. These are often frustrating and not funny to play.
  3. It is not recommended to create a level you cannot complete yourself. Better release it only at that point you managed to complete and perfect it. Else there is no guarantee that your act is possible at all.
  4. Do not overload your act with traps and enemies. Try to find a nice balance for each difficulty.
  5. To give your act a preferably long duration, you should make the overall way which has to be covered as long as possible. This is quickly done by e.g. placing triggers as far away as possible from the blocks which are triggered. And of course with nicely hidden balloons.
As soon as you finished digitalizing/creating your act in the Level editor, you should test it.
If you cannot beat it yourself, try to reduce the amount of enemies or redesign a hazardous location. Possible flaw sources are:

- incorrectly placed exit portals
- narrow niches wich are edged by obstacles
- secret areas which cannot be reached because of some blocks which are solid instead of destructable.
- secret passages in fluid (only cloaka) which contain deadly tiles instead of the harmless tiles
- missing blocks (suicide mode)
- unreachable locations because of certain distances (suicide mode)
- secret passages which should lead to a room but end up with a impasse (suicide mode)
- tiles that can be destroyed instead of the deactivatable ones you need for movement. (suicide mode)

This document is posted with permission of Ryan J. Bury
Afterlife Level Sheet as PDF. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.
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Re: Afterlife - Level Design Notes

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But how do I his release?

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