Evowok Breeder update 4.1.1

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Evowok Breeder update 4.1.1

Post by Ryan » August 7th, 2019, 6:35 pm


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Following on from the 4.1 update, Evowok Breeder update 4.1.1 is now available to download, with nine completely new evowok breeds to catch and train, plus a few additional tweaks and fixes:
  • Added three complete new evowok lineages!
  • Fixed minor grammatical bug causing incorrect indefinite articles in catching chances for wild evowok.
  • Fixed minor bug in evowok rarity calculations.
  • Fixed bug causing NPC evowok not to use moves requiring the target evowok to be unconscious in some situations.
  • Attacks which could previously only be used against unconscious or sleeping evowok can now also be used against stunned evowok.
  • Reduced the average Strength characteristic for the gnirt lineage.
  • Added additional possible pre-learned attacks for wild evowok of several breeds.
  • Minor code simplifications/optimisations for dealing with certain injury locations.
A full changelog is available in the usual place, and the updated game can of course be downloaded here.

As always, please feel very welcome to post below with any additional comments, questions or suggestions.

Have fun. :)


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