Evowok Breeder update 4.2!

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Evowok Breeder update 4.2!

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The second major update to Evowok Breeder! :)

As some of you may know if you've been following on Twitter, I've been working on this update for a little while now, making some changes to the game based on recent experiences and feedback, and correctly implementing some things that I don't think worked as well as they could have done in previous versions. What I originally intended to be a minor update quickly became something a little more substantial (as these things often do), and so here we are!

Update 4.2 comes with a slew of changes to some of the game's mechanics, as well as interface improvements, balance tweaks, fixes for existing bugs, and (of course) new evowok...

Travelling light
The player's inventory now adds encumbrance when travelling, reducing travel speed and damping the spirits when overloaded. However, banks now provide safe storage for items that might come in handy later, and horses can be saddled as pack-animals to increase carriage capacity. The player can now carry multiple nets of the same type, and nets torn by wild evowok are now merely damaged, rather than destroyed. Firewood can now be carried to negate the need to search for kindling on the road, and increase travel speed. Traders encountered on the road now carry a limited amount of money with which to purchase the player's goods (all those coins are heavy, after all...)

Venomous ventures
Evowok no longer need to prepare poisons before attacking or defending; these are now intrinsic abilities. A new Talent is available to increase the poison delivered by venomous attacks.

Interface updates
More details on the specific quirks of particular evowok breeds and their effects in combat are now listed in the breed details interface for identified breeds. Items worn by the player are now marked in the inventory, and more than one of a particular item can now be worn. Possessions stored in chests and boxes as well as the player's inventory can now be organised and reordered from any inventory interface. Abilities and Talents the player has learned to teach can now be viewed with additional detail from the player's statisics interface as well as from the evowok training interface. Venomous attacks for a particular evowok are marked in attack lists.

New evowok
Three full new evowok lineages have been added, bringing the total number of evowok breeds in the game to 288! One existing lineage has also been revised to include a new instar (replacing a previous breed).

Bugs. There are always bugs. Many existing bugs (some major) have been found and fixed throughout the game.

Image Image

A full list of changes in this update can be perused in the usual place at the game's changelog page - and as always, please feel very welcome to post below with any and all additional thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions. :)

Have fun!


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