Evowok Breeder update 4.5.2

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Evowok Breeder update 4.5.2

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This is to announce the release of Evowok Breeder version 4.5.2. This update fixes a few bugs reported since the last update, and also makes one small interface improvement:
  • Fixed bug causing evowok wearing barding to be invisible in the encounter screen when on an encountered breeder's left-hand side.
  • Fixed scripting bug preventing rematches against Abigail in Feldspar.
  • Prevented encountered breeders sometimes fielding evowok with no useful moves.
  • Added ability to switch between evowok from the evowok stats screen using the directional keys or mouse.

The 4.5.2 update can be downloaded from the usual place.

As always, please do feel welcome to post below with any additional feedback, thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions (or more bug reports!)

Have fun. :)


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