Afterlife: Rickard's Quest update 1.12.3

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Afterlife: Rickard's Quest update 1.12.3

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This is to announce the release of Afterlife: Rickard's Quest version 1.12.3, which fixes some important recently discovered bugs, and makes some other small tweaks and improvements:
  • Fixed bug allowing access to the Cruciform in the Desert Tomb Zone before the requisite number of Perfect grades had been achieved.
  • Fixed display bug causing hellion graphics to be glitchy in Act Editor.
  • Rickard no longer drops his Deadly Hunting Umbrella when landing in liquids.
  • Rickard can no longer throw the Deadly Hunting Umbrella when on foot.
  • Changed the locations of mana balloons in Act 5 of the Realm of Asphal.
  • Minor code fixes, tidying and efficiency improvements.
As always, the latest version can be downloaded here, and the full history and changelog can be found here.

Enjoy! ;)


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