Afterlife: Rickard's Quest update 1.12.4

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Afterlife: Rickard's Quest update 1.12.4

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Afterlife: Rickard's Quest version 1.12.4 is now available to download, with several important bug-fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed serious bug causing the game to crash when attempting to save replays for certain Acts.
  • Restarting an Act when playtesting in the Act Editor now works correctly.
  • Fixed bugs in portal, Cruciform and Keystone collision detection.
  • Corrected minor issues with secret areas, mana balloon and portal locations in various Acts.
  • Blockheads in the Digital Chaos Zone now count towards the enemies remaining in an Act.
As ever, the latest version can be downloaded here, a full changelog is available in the usual place, and please feel welcome to post below with any further comments/questions/suggestions. :)

Have fun!


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