Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.11.3

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Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.11.3

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Hello! :)

This is to announce the release of Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson version 1.11.3, with the following updates and optimisations including gameplay changes and fixes for several serious bugs:
  • Fixed serious bug causing the game to crash under specific circumstances in Target Tower and Endless Tower games.
  • Fixed bug causing Aspect Crowns to remain in the player's inventory after use if an Act was completed whilst still activated.
  • Fixed minor issues concerning hellion animosity from allied factions.
  • Synchronised game timers with framerate, to improve consistency when running on lower-spec hardware.
  • Made optimisations to improve framerate throughout the game interface for lower-spec hardware.
  • Rickard's balloon and Deadly Hunting Umbrella are no longer recovered automatically if abandoned in an Act.
  • Rickard now looks up/down more quickly when holding the up/down keys.
  • Minor RSF expansions.
  • Minor and miscellaneous code and interface fixes and optimisations.
The latest version can be downloaded here, and a full changelog for this and all past updates can be found in the usual place.

As always, you will need to be running the latest version of the game in order to submit scores to the online scoreboards.

And of course, please do feel as welcome as ever to post below with any further comments, thoughts, questions or suggestions. :)

Have fun, and good luck! ;)


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