Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.11.7

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Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson update 1.11.7

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Hello all! Following on from the recent updates to the game, this is to announce the release of Afterlife 3: Legends of Rickard Bronson version 1.11.7, which fixes several important bugs:
  • Fixed serious bug causing The Last Stand game timer not to progress correctly.
  • Fixed bug allowing unlimited jumps when wearing the Suit Of Armour or Aqua Helm while immersed in liquids.
  • Fixed bug causing changes in reputation with the Brotherhood not to be correctly calculated under some circumstances when aborting missions in the Training Pad Zone.
  • Fixed bug causing the "Look Around" function not to work correctly.
  • Fixed graphic and music bugs when entering/exiting pipes whilst Aspect Crowns or certain amulets were equipped.
The latest version, as always, is available to download here, and a full changelog for this and all previous versions is available for your perusal at the usual location.

And of course, please do feel very welcome to post below with any further bug reports, comments, thoughts, questions or suggestions.

Have fun! :)


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