Evowok Breeder update 4.0.15

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Evowok Breeder update 4.0.15

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This is to announce Evowok Breeder update 4.0.15, with a small collection of fixes for some important bugs reported since the last release (with particular thanks to *starshine*!), and some additional small tweaks and improvements:
  • Fixed bug causing reduction to the force of some multi-hit attacks.
  • Fixed bug allowing attacks to knock over or stun an evowok even when successfully blocked by a forcefield.
  • Fixed bug causing two breeds to be encountered in the wild with training in a move of which they are not physically capable.
  • Fixed bug causing the Tooth & Claw Inn to be erroneously closed when entering Old Amber Town for the first time.
  • Fixed bug causing the player not to receive a reward correctly from Queen Gemma.
  • Fixed bug causing Bert to receive additional threats after his debt has been paid, and included fix for existing characters.
  • Fixed bug causing time not to pass correctly when commissioning a map from Anthony in Amethyst City.
  • Fixed dialogue bug in conversation with Francis in Tiger's Eye.
  • Corrected behaviour of the door to Room 2 at the Tooth & Claw Inn.
  • Corrected typo in the description for jackroot.
  • Tweaked in-battle notification for Forcefield.
  • Changed evowok fielded by Trainer Potter in the Psionic Stadium.
  • Horses will now sometimes kick when approached from behind!
  • Miscellaneous code and script tidying, fixes and improvements.
As always, please feel welcome to post below with any further thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions.

Have fun. :)


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