Evowok Breeder major expansion - update 4.1!

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Evowok Breeder major expansion - update 4.1!

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I'm very, very pleased to be able to post today with the release of Evowok Breeder update 4.1, now available to download after a year or so of development! :)

I first announced this update in this thread - but to recap, the intention was to finally include a lot of the additional content from my design notes that didn't make it into the original game release, and also to make some pretty big improvements to some of the features and flow/balance of the game as a whole, armed with the additional feedback I've received from players in the couple of years since the game's first release in 2017.

Image Image

This is a big content expansion, with a lot of changes (all of which are listed in full at the game's changelog page!) - but here are some of the most important updates:

New places, new faces, new adventures!

The update adds five whole new towns and locations to the world map, complete with new facilities, characters and quests, and more than fifteen new random encounter types. These are all locations which I'd originally wanted to include in the game, but didn't make it into the first release for one reason or another.

This also allows for new missions relating to some of the game's existing characters, and conclusions to some of the storylines that had previously been left open. :)

As of this update, the game now has well over 2,000 scripted characters to meet!

New evowok!

Three full new evowok lineages have also been added, as well as several new barding types and some changes to the abilities of existing breeds. This means that there are now 270 evowok breeds in total to encounter in the game!

Interface improvements & new goals!

The update includes a lot of changes and additions to the game's interface, including an "other achievements" list displaying the player's more unusual and non-evowok-related achievements in the game so far, the ability to see the title of the current music track at any time in the game by pressing the "#" key, and a mark next to each breed in the Breed Details window to show which breeds the player has successfully fielded in an Arena tournament (a new objective for hardcore completionists!)

Quite a number of smaller changes have also been made to improve the existing game interfaces and glossary texts to make some of the game's statistics and effects a little better-explained and more transparent.

Changes & rebalancing...

A lot of small balancing changes have been made to combat and statistics, and also some fairly major changes to economic balance and gameplay flow.

Evowok now recover Endurance and Stamina automatically at the end of a match (assuming they're not bleeding or poisoned!), and so analgesic and stimulant potions have been removed from the game entirely (leaving more inventory space for all the other potions and pills you might want to carry around...)

Some subtle but important changes have also been made to some of the game's economy and trading systems, which should give more options to players for earning and spending money throughout the game world.

With some of the new features, it's also been possible to work a lot more on the game's balance and progression. I've spent some time in particular tweaking the initial part of the game in Jasper to (hopefully!) allow for a smoother difficulty gradient (in terms of both combat and finance!) and better introductory gameplay for new players.

Bug fixes!

And of course a huge number of small and not-so-small bug fixes are also included, dealing with a lot of older issues discovered while playtesting this update (some of which I'm pretty surprised hadn't been discovered sooner!)


In any case, the update is now available to download from the usual place, and will hopefully add a lot to the game whether you're an existing or new player. :)

Download here: http://www.rjbsoftware.uk/evowokbreeder/download

And as always, please feel very welcome to post below with any additional thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions.

Have fun! :)


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Re: Evowok Breeder major expansion - update 4.1!

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