Major update coming soon!

News and updates about Afterlife: Rickard's Quest - please post any version-specific feedback, thoughts, comments, suggestions, ideas or bug-reports in the appropriate (or latest) release thread here!
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Major update coming soon!

Post by Ryan »

Hello everyone!

So, what's the news? :)

Well, I am currently working on a major new update to Afterlife, improving and fixing a huge number of details in the game, and adding some changes and new features which I think will make big improvements to the gameplay... :)

The update is currently at an internal beta stage (being tested in-house), but I intend to start external testing next week, with a view to releasing the update soon after that.

As regular readers of this forum will be aware, a sequel to the game is currently in the works, and my intention is that this update to the first game will round off its remaining rough edges, and make it as accessible as possible to new players, while retaining the challenge that long-time fans have enjoyed, so as to make sure that it's as good as it possibly can be in the lead-up to the external testing phase of Afterlife 2... :)

For now though, if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions for this update, please feel very welcome to post below! :)


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Re: Major Update Coming Soon!

Post by Aloshi »

Cool. I really need to get around to playing through the original Afterlife... :tch:

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