Afterlife: Rickard's Quest version 1.9 released!

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Afterlife: Rickard's Quest version 1.9 released!

Post by Ryan »

Hello everyone! :)

This is to announce the release of Afterlife: Rickard's Quest version 1.9, which is available now from the game's download page.
As well as a complete restructuring of the umbrella jumping code to make the movement and animation much smoother, this update sees the addition of a "restart" option on the pause screen and when an Act is failed, as already found in Afterlife 2: Rickard's Journey. (I felt this was probably an even more useful feature for the first game than the sequel!) :)

The game now also automatically associates itself with the file extensions for Custom Acts and Replays in Windows, which saves the hassle of manually using "Open With" to run these files. (In Windows Vista, the game must be right-clicked and "Run As Administrator" for this to work).

The full list of changes is, of course, available in the usual place.

Anyway, as always, hope you have fun with the new version, and feel welcome to post any comments below - have fun! :)


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