Additional Orbital Snake high-score table features!

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Additional Orbital Snake high-score table features!

Post by Ryan »

Hello all!

Following some user feedback, I've just spent some time playing with the possibilities of the new Orbital Snake high-score table, and added some cool new features...

You can now choose to view the high-scores in a variety of different formats: ...And you can also click on the name of any player in the charts to see a list of their personal top ten submitted scores!

This also means that the table no longer stores only the top ten submitted scores, so even lower scores can still be seen (and might even earn a place on one of the tables... ;))

I've also been toying with the idea of finding some way to link names on the high-score tables to corresponding user profiles here at the forums, but I'm still not decided on how best to implement that.

Anyway, good luck earning your place in the charts - have fun! :)


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